About me

I’m Sherri, a Colourful Creature from the ever bright & beautiful South Africa.

I started my blog to be able to write more, because that’s what I love doing. Here, I share stories about the world around me – from my rosey perspective.

I’m forever exploring in nature, on big city sidewalks, through villages and everything in between. As long as it’s an adventure and opportunity to spread rainbows, I’m there capturing it and highlighting the lessons of self-love.

Being a positive beam of sunshine & happiness is my ultimate goal on the internet.

Through my love for words and positively changing the world around me, I hope the stories on this blog help encourage young women like me to dream big, and to always live their lives in full colour.

Categories include; Travel & Adventure (known as green pastures), Latest trends (known as Red Hot), Natural skin & haircare (known as Neutral Tones), Women Empowerment (known as Golden Girls), Poetry and Prose (known as Purple Patch).

Come join me in colouring the online world…


Colourful Kisses,


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