Colourful Care

See yourself and love yourself – in all shades and in all colours.

Colourful Care is a self-love brand started by Sherri Andreas, better known as The Colourful Creature. This brand was ignited by a simple idea to have a space where self-care and self-love came first.

Having dealt with anxiety for years and never knowing how to express her feelings to others, Sherri says she often felt on edge, scared, nervous, uncertain about everything and especially about herself.

She says, “In my 20s, like many out there, I finally started looking inward and working on loving myself. It’s been such a liberating experience being able to realise my purpose, and having this excitement about doing things that drive me and make me happy. Without any guilt or judgement – I know that living this way can really bring more happiness and love into my world than my previous habit of putting everyone’s ideas, needs and thoughts before my own. I have to share this realisation and all the tools I can with other young women like me. That’s the purpose of my symbolic 30s. I want to empower more girls who might feel small, scared and insecure about themselves. Even if it’s only 2 girls… which I know I’ve already done, so why stop now?”

As someone who loves sharing knowledge from her personal experiences in the hopes of helping others, Sherri’s simple idea of having a self-love platform for young women with big dreams materialised itself as a Colourfully Curated online resource that will stock all things that are good for the soul, according to Dr Colourful.


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