Colourful Greetings!

I’m baaaaaack!

So, I’ve decided to slide my way back into having my blog again. It’s just… like, it’s the creativity for me.

So, after a hiatus & ‘a pandemic!’, you could say – this is a new start.

“The symbolic 30s”.

My 30th Birthday was during lockdown (I’ll never get over it) and I’m hoping to have an elaborate 31st this year to make up… In fact, my parents should pay for it because I don’t have a child yet.

That was the rule my parents had in our house (I don’t know about other families? But I’d love to know who else had these kinda random rules at home growing up.)

You would get no 21st key & special birthday party if you have a child before then. But hey, those were the random things that shaped me, though.

I look forward to influencing and moulding other young women in the throes of self-discovery. Through sharing my knowledge, and life lessons with those reading, I aim to make imaginations and dreams that much more colourful.


If you’ve been with me since I used to blog before (2016-2019) you’ll know that I believe in the power of COLOUR and with my aptly colourful lifestyle categories, I will again share my experiences and thoughts on the things I’m obsessed with; quaint spots & outdoor adventures, my natural approach to self-love and adding lots of colour to the world.

Thanks for visiting my blog. We’ll chat real soon.


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Colourful Kisses


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