The Clicks MyEarth Oral Care Range – review

Of course, with getting my smiley piercing a few months ago I did tons of research on how to care for it. When deciding on the new oral care products I’d get myself in the process, I opted for the recently launched Clicks MyEarth range.


If you know me already, or follow my social media stories, you may know that over the years I’ve just naturally found and changed many of my personal-care items to more sustainable options. I’ll share more about this ‘clean beauty’ journey on my blog going forward in the #NeutralTones category.

When getting my new piercing I knew I’d need a new toothbrush because I usually replace my electric toothbrush head every 3 months, so it was time. Having a new piercing meant I definitely needed to take extra care with regards to keeping bacteria away from my mouth, so new toothbrush was a must.

Here are some of the other things I learnt while researching how to take care of my new mouth piercing (please confirm with your own piercer what to do if you decide to get any piercing yourself:

  1. Salt water mouth rinses 3-4 times a day (OF COURSE), salt water is always a thing for healing piercings and most open wounds actually…
  2. Obvs, keeping mouth clean by ensuring you rinse after every meal, brushing teeth twice daily and using a mouth wash, etc.
  3. This was an important one – they suggested that you not use a strong toothpaste, so I was using my toddler niece’s strawberry flavoured toothpaste for the first week, and then a herbal variant thereafter.
  4. Another tip related to product was to use an alcohol-free mouthwash, which I didn’t have and that’s really how I came to testing out the Clicks MyEarth range.
  5. Lastly, something I didn’t do and highly recommend – try to eat soft foods only for a few days and apparently don’t talk too much.
  6. I was like chowing Sunday roast right after I got my piercing, cause I didn’t really find it sore getting pierced. I ended up with a slightly swollen top lip, though. So yeah… was totally worth it for me personally. Food = happiness. And I choose happiness, over everything.

Okay, back to the oral care story…

I figured my electric toothbrush might tug at my piercing so together with finding an alcohol-free mouthwash, I would also get a new manual toothbrush.

There I was at Clicks to get my goodies when I saw the new MyEarth Range (on 3-for-2 special, nogal). I have lots of toothpaste from a PR drop, so I added dental floss as my 3rd item. and my purchase was complete.


I’m really loving these products. The toothbrush is super cute, and I love the small head that reaches and cleans my whole mouth so nicely. The handle is made from PLA (a material produced from sugarcane).


“Clicks MyEarth Charcoal Sensitive Toothbrush features ultra-soft tapered bristles that are designed to effectively remove plaque. They are infused with absorbent bamboo charcoal to absorb stains and odours, resulting in whiter teeth and fresher breath.” (source:



The mouthwash, as mentioned is Alcohol-free, but still very effective. “Clicks My Earth Mouthwash Charcoal Natural Peppermint 500ml is formulated with natural bamboo charcoal, antibacterial peppermint oil and other plant-based ingredients to help whiten teeth, remove impurities, prevent cavities, protect tooth enamel, guard against bad breath, reduce plaque build-up and leave your mouth feeling minty fresh and naturally clean.” (source:

It was my first vegan floss and I’m super impressed. “Clicks MyEarth Corn Starch Dental Floss 30ml is vegan, as it is coated with plant-based candelilla wax. This wax allows it to slip easily between your teeth to clean all those hard-to-reach spots.” (source:


It took a while to get used to brushing my teeth & the piercing – but I got the hang of it.

My best tip is NOT to brush teeth while smiling, rather relax the lips around the brush when brushing front teeth where the piercing is.


I am definitely looking forward to trying out some earth-friendly toothpaste sometime in the near future. Let me know if you have recommendations.


Colourful Kisses,


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