Smile…Y Piercing? My experience and reason for getting a frenulum piercing.

The Frenulum Piercing as it’s technically known – is more commonly referred to as a ‘smiley piercing’. The frenulum is that thin piece of connector skin between the upper lip and the gum.

On it says; “The smiley piercing is so-named because it won’t be seen unless you smile.”

“How cute, and mysterious?” I thought to myself. “Just like me… I’m getting it!”

Honestly speaking, I got this piercing mainly because of that, it’s cute, discreet, fun, and called a SMILEY.

I had been wanting to get a new piercing and/or ink for a while (don’t ask… but I’m so used to pain, it makes me comfortable).

Since I first saw it a few years ago, I’ve always liked how a smiley piercing looks & I know mouth piercings can heal up easily, because I’m only intending to have this temporarily. Plus, with this new mask thing – unless I know you and want you to see my piercing, you wouldn’t be aware I have it.

That’s how I decided.


The Smiley Piercing seems to have first become popular in 2015, but I definitely think since about 2019, it’s gone even more mainstream.


I was going to get it done in Tokai, Cape Town at Queen of Steele (I enquired late 2020 and at the time I think it was R350). I never got around to it though, because me & shopping centers are not a thing.


Eventually I went home to Pretoria and my Sistah-in-law literally wanted the very same piercing.

So, like re-living a day out of our teen years, we planned it and went through to Montana Traders to the guy who has pierced 90% of the Pretoria North population (lol – tell me I’m lying???). Same guy who did my belly ring when I was 15.



People keep asking, and no it wasn’t sore – for me. I have a high pain tolerance, ergo, my earlier statement… I actually crave a little pain, to let me know I’m still living.

Needles; now there’s something I can do… Not shopping malls!


Overall, I’m loving my piercing. For me, getting my smiley piercing was really about remembering that happiness is a choice & the choice of happiness is within me. By choosing to smile, I choose to create and be a ray of positivity.

Sure, there are instances in life that can hide our smile for a moment, but by no means should we let hardship steal our sparkle for a long time.

We must just remember to smile and the shine will find its way back to us.


Taking care of a new piercing is also a lot like any other painful thing in life, you can’t just ignore it, you have to take time to nurse it back to new health, so that it can later lead to a beautiful story worth smiling about.


A smiley piercing – I wouldn’t recommend to just anyone… It’s a bit uncomfortable, especially if you like eating and kissing as much as I do. But if you’re a little off-center & super sentimental like me, then definitely get it… No regrets.


I wrote a post about my piercing care since I’ve gotten it. Go on and read it in my #NeutralTones category. Decided to change my oral care tools up for something a little bit more earth friendly.


Remember to smile & to look after your smile, creatures.


Let me know if you have any other questions about my Smiley Piercing and let me know how long you think I’ll be keeping it for?


Colourful Kisses,


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